We offer four dishes for breakfast. You may choose one dish from each section of the menu below.

  • Section 1. Main dish
    • Oatmeal 250g
    • Rice porridge 250g
    • Omelet with bacon 150g
    • Omelet with tomatoes 150g
    • Fried eggs with two yolks 120g
    • Scrambled eggs 100g
    • Toast with poached eggs 100g
    • Croque-monsieur with bacon and cheese 120g
    • Two boiled sausages 120g
    • Two meat filled crapes 120g
    • Corn flakes with milk 250g
  • Section 2. Side dish
    • Two homemade crapes (no filling) 40g
    • Two curd filled crapes 120g
    • Curd casserole 120g
    • Two curd pancakes 120g
    • Pancakes 100g
  • Section 3. Condiment
    • Sour cream 30g
    • Condensed milk 30g
    • Honey 30g
  • Section 4. Drink
    • Coco 200ml
    • Black or green tea 200ml
    • Instant coffee 200ml
    • Coffee 3in1 200ml
  • Additional menu
    • Capuchin 150ml/300ml – 150/200 RUB.
    • Latte 250ml – 200 RUB.
    • Americano 250ml – 150 RUB.
    • Orange juice 200ml – 40 RUB.

Breakfast form fill-out rules :

One person breakfast consists of four dishes, one dish from each section of the menu.

Write down the number of dishes equal to the number of quests requesting breakfast.

Important: breakfast is included only for the main occupants of the room.

If you booked a room with an additional bed, the breakfast is not included automatically and should be paid for separately at the reception desk. The price is 250 RUB for an additional breakfast.

If you want to choose two dishes from the same section, the second dish is not included in the breakfast and should be paid for separately.

The cost of additional dishes:

  • Section 1 – 90 RUB.
  • Section 2 – 90 RUB.
  • Section 3 – 30 RUB.
  • Section 4 – 40 RUB.

Enjoy your meal!