Interesting facts

The total length of the Large Sochi is 146 km.

On the west the Large Sochi borders with the Shepsee river, and on the east its border goes along the Psou river that is the border of Abhazia.

If you are on the one end of the city, you will need at least 2 or even three hours to reach another end by car. If you prefer to run or ride a bike, it wouldn’t be an easy task!

There are a lot of theories about the origin of the word “Sochi”. However, I’d like to make fun of it a little bit. Who know, maybe it is not a joke afterall.

It is well-known that when a language adopts any foreign word, a slight deformation of the word might occur, like changing some letters or sounds or even changing the order of letters or sounds. What will happen if we replace the letter “o” with the letter “a”? We will get “sachi”. However, in Latin group of languages the letter and the sound “ch” might be replaced by “k” or “x” and letters “i” and “y” are interchangeable. The result is quite interesting! We got the word “Saxy”. Is it possible that Sochi is the motherland of Saxons? There is a saying that in every joke there is a tiny part of the joke…

There is a mass of theories about it, however I would like to pay your attention to how the Black Sea was called in ancient literature. Ancient maps and historical books call it either Pontos Akseinos, which means “hostile sea” or “black” sea, or Pontos Euqseinos, which means “the hospitable sea”.

Is it possible that the same sea was hospitable to ones and hostile to others?

Is it not true that some tourists stay with amass of nice and exciting memories about their vacation spent on the Black Sea resorts, and they are looking for their return, but others feel regret about the time spent here and even do not want to think about time spent on the Black Sea shore?

Prometheus is a charecter from ancient Greek myths and legends. Is there any connection between him and the area where Sochi is located? It is quite interesting question and there is no right answers yet. I want to make another joke and assume that Prometheus stepped on the land of Sochi, when this land called “Saxon land”. Is it possible that Prometheus is the key reason why Saxons were forced to change their dislocation and find a new home? Maybe that’s why they traveled north-west and stayed where now British Islands are located?

Some say it is ‘krasnaya’ because of the red blood, spilled in the war. Others state that it is “krasnaya” because the first inhabitants fond some red berries and leaves and call the area “Krasnaya Pollyana”. But what if it was called “krasnaya” (red) because it is beautiful (from Russian word “krasa” – beauty). Is it not a beautiful area?

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