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General questions about Villa Deja Vu Guest House

  • What does Villa Deja Vu Guest House look like?

    Our Guest House is a modern 3-storey building made from eco-friendly materials. There are 20 up-to-date rooms: 5 Comfortable Standard Rooms, 10 Comfort Rooms, 2 Comfort+ Rooms, and 1 Two-Bedroom Premium Suite. For more information on rooms, click here. Pictures of rooms, housefront and courtyard are available in our Gallery.

    The rooms are decorated in soothing shades and sympathetic colour schemes. All the rooms are equipped with up-to-date facilities needed for a comfortable rest. Every room features a bathroom unit, refrigerator, TV, modern comfortable furniture, plastic glass units, balcony (excl. Standard Rooms) and metal door. Some rooms have an air-conditioner (split system), safe deposit box, tableware, electric teakettle and etc. All the rooms are spacious with high ceilings. The total area of each room is about 20 sqm.

    In the Guest House grounds you can find a cafe offering various tasty dishes at a reasonable price, minimarket, Internet access, parking lot and small patio. There is also a vegetable market, mobile phone outlet, photo studio and hairdressing salon in the neighborhood. More details about the Guest House surroundings, you can find here; information on entertainment places is available here. Many people know us as a Guest House. You will agree that it sounds more comfortable and warm which is exactly the sort of atmosphere that we are trying to create for our dear guests.

    Our Guest House is a reasonable choice for a reasonable price! Here you can relax in a quiet surroundings, taste a true Caucasian shashlik cooked by our Armenian Chef, drink cocktails made by professional barmen, play backgammon, etc.

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  • What are the advantages of staying in Villa Deja Vu Guest House?

    Firstly, our Guest House has a very favorable location to make your stay comfortable. We are situated in Kyrortny Gorodok area, and this is a great benefit. For more accurate location, click here. Your stay will be disturbed neither by aircraft nor by train/car noise as our Guest House is located quite far from the airport, railway and highway. The beach and entertainment centre are in the neighbourhood. There is also a cafe in the Guest House grounds where you can enjoy delicious food.

    Moreover, when you make a booking on our web-site or contact the reception directly, you cut all the agents out and save money. In addition, we have a flexible discount system and can offer a considerable discount on last minute tours.

    We are trying to provide an individual approach to each guest. In case you are not happy with our conditions and services, you can suggest your own ideas, and we will consider them with a great pleasure. We also try to make guests stay more comfortable as we want them to keep pleasant impressions about time spent at our beautiful resort for a long time. Staying with us will make you to forget about all major problems and concerns, and it will undoubtedly give you a lot of pleasure and inspire you to return here again and again!

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  • Why are you named Villa Deja Vu Guest House?

    The term "deja vu" from French means "already seen". Our guests are very important to us, and we try to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. That is why during your stay in our Guest House you can have a feeling of being in a good resort and at home at the same time. You will never feel uncomfortable here.

    The second reason for choosing such a name is that we hope that our Villa Deja Vu Guest House is becoming a place where you will return again and again. Because of the fact that some people have reading difficulties in Latin, we decided to use Russian transliteration for our Guest House name, and now we have 2 variants - "Villa Deja Vu" or "Вилла Дежа Вю".

    В связи с тем, что у многих возникали сложности с правильным прочтением нашего названия на латинице - Villa Deja Vu, мы решили использовать также транслитерацию на русский язык, поэтому теперь название нашего гостевого дома может появляться в двух вариантах, как "Villa Deja Vu" или как "Вилла Дежа Вю".

    We ask you not to confuse us with Deja Vu Guest House situated in Krasnaya Polyana as it bears no relation to us.

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  • Where can you find us? Where is Villa Deja Vu Guest House located?

    Villa Deja Vu Guest House is located in the Adler District of the Greater Sochi (or just in Adler) between Znanie Boarding House and SKO Adlerkurort (or Kyrortny Gorodok). In order to reach Villa Deja Vu Guest House you can use any public transport which goes to Adler from Sochi, Khosta, Kudepsta, Krasnaya Polyana or the Abkhazian Border. You should know only the names of 2 bus stations - Znanie and AZS. A 5 minute-walk and you are in the Guest House grounds. Go in the direction of the sea to Prosveshcheniya Street, the third street from the highway and the closest one to the beach. The Guest House is located exactly between Kurortny Gorodok (a 15-storey building named Fregat) and Znanie Boarding House.

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  • Is there an opportunity to hire a car?

    If you would like to hire a car with or without a driver, we can offer you services of a car rental company we cooperate with. This company has a big fleet consisted of economy, business and executive class vehicles. High level service and reasonable prices will not allow our guests to stay without their favorite type of transport. A car hire is available either for several hours or for several days. There is no need to travel to Sochi by your own vehicle. Just come to us and hire a car here.

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  • Do you accept children? If yes, from what age?

    Yes, we accept children of any age. The only thing required is a presence of a responsible adult. Children up to 5 years old are accommodated free of charge without providing an extra bed. When an extra bed is provided, a price is charged in accordance with a present rate plan. Accommodation of children older than 5 years old (even if you refuse to be provided with an extra bed) is charged in accordance with a present rate plan (i.e. if two adults want to share their bed with a child older than 5 years old, they will need to pay for the child anyway). However we are making individual discounts for families with children.

    If you come to us with a child, please do not leave him/her alone! Notice that according to the Krasnodar Region Law children and teenagers are not allowed to walk alone after 10 p.m. Law-enforcement agencies can apply an administrative penalty. Do not allow anyone to ruin your holidays. Stay alert!

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  • Do we need to make an additional payment for children? How are prices for extra beds calculated?

    A chair-bed is offered as an extra bed for all room categories except Premium Suite. An extra bed is available for any room categories except Premium Suite and Comfort+. Price for one extra bed is specified in our price list and depends on the season. The price includes an extra bed and all additional costs which can seem to be small for you, but which can increase when more than 2 guests are accommodated in a room.

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  • Is it comfortable to stay at your Guest House with children?

    During summer season there are no such families that would stay at our Guest House without children. We offer a friendly and convenient environment for children, and once they have viewed our facilities, they seldom wish to leave. Do not want to misinform you and that is why I should admit that we do not have a big courtyard where children can run, play and have fun. We have a small secure courtyard with a rubberised floor, where children can play in safety. However we do not currently offer a nanny facility.

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  • Do you have a parking lot?

    Yes. There is a small free parking lot in the Guest House grounds (advanced booking is required).There are also free places for guests’ cars in the surrounding grounds. Another paid guarded car park is located next door. If you are concerned about driving your own car and do not want to go for this long and exhausting trip using your own vehicle, but still would like to be well-traveled, we can offer you a car hire. We are in close cooperation with car rental companies providing different kind of services. You can hire a car either for several hours or for several days. A hired car can be driven to the Guest House entrance. More information on prices, conditions and cars available you will find by clicking here. Before hiring a car, guests are strongly requested to inform our Administrator or the car rental company that you found it through Villa Deja Vu Guest House.

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Meals and rooms

  • How do you categorize rooms? How do rooms differ from each other?

    All our rooms are comfortable, spacious and cozy. They are considered to be superior comfort rooms equipped with all the things needed to make you stay more pleasant. However they have certain differences which influence on their price and category.

    STANDARD, COMFORT and COMFORT + Rooms have the same layout and look alike. There are double rooms with modern furniture, refrigerator, TV, bathroom unit with a shower tray/ shower cabin. They have the following differences: STANDARD Rooms are located only on the 1st floor and, consequently, they do not have a balcony; COMFORT Rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, have balconies and are equipped with air-conditioner (split system).

    COMFORT + Rooms have a small difference in the interior. They feature a bigger TV, shower cabins and modern ceramic bathroom fittings. Moreover, COMFORT+ Rooms have an isolated balcony facing the sea, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful sea sunrises and sunsets. PREMIUM Suite is absolutely different from all the other rooms. Firstly, it has 2 rooms and is equipped with an up-to-date shower cabin, modern ceramic bathroom fittings, heat-insulated floor and good furniture (including soft furniture and king size bedroom with a big orthopedic mattress), 2 TVs and refrigerator.

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  • How often do you clean rooms?

    Cleaning is made every 3 days, however wet cleaning, trash taking out and towels changing is carried out daily. Bedclothes are changed every 5 days. If there is a need to clean your room urgently, you can contact our Housekeeping Department or Administrator. All rooms are cleaned by KIRBY vacuum cleaner – the most perfect cleaning system in the world as it is said on the web-site ПЫЛЕСОС.com. The result of this type of cleaning is a reduction of domestic allergens impact. Rooms stay absolutely clean and healthy. There is no place for dust in our guest house!

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  • Are we allowed to cook ourselves?

    No, it is not allowed to cook ourselves in our Guest House. There is a cafe in our guest house where you can have a meal. We have a diverse menu. During summer season we offer a great choice of various dishes for any taste. You also have an opportunity to order dishes which are not listed in our main menu. Dietetic and children dishes are also at guests’ disposal. During summer season you can have a meal outside whether in the Guest House courtyard or patio located on the second floor of the cafe. There is also an outdoors grill in the Guest House courtyard. A professional shashlik maker from Armenia will cook a delicious shashlik for every taste.

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  • Are we allowed to cook shashlik ourselves?

    Yes, you are, but only in the low season. There is an outdoors grill in the Guest House courtyard where you can cook a shashlik yourselves.

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  • Are towels involved?

    We provide all the rooms with clean towels. Towels are to be used only in the Guest House grounds. If a towel is damaged, you will need to compensate a total cost of the towel.

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  • How often do you change bedclothes?

    Bedclothes are changed every 5 days in Villa Deja Vu Guest House. If there is a need to change your bedclothes urgently, you can contact our Housekeeping Department or Administrator.

    We strongly request you not to carry bedclothes out from the Guest House grounds. If bedclothes will be damaged, you will need to compensate a total cost of the bedclothes.

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  • Are there safe deposit boxes in your rooms?

    Yes, all the rooms are equipped with safe deposit boxes. However we ask you to be watchful and careful. Do not display your expensive belongings in public places, it can attract different types of frauds.

    We strongly request you not to leave your room door wide open during a night time or when you are out of the room. If you follow basic precautionary measures, you will protect yourself from any harm.

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  • How are your rooms furnished?

    All the rooms of Villa Deja Vu Guest House are equipped with modern high-quality furniture. Each room features a wardrobe, 2 cupboards, pier glass with a pouf, king size bed of European standards with an orthopedic mattress and clothes hangers.

    We strongly request you not to damage furniture in your room. Do not leave cuts on cupboards, refrigerators or pier glasses. If you damage any furniture item, you will need to compensate the actual damage in accordance with a pricelist of Villa Deja Vu Guest House.

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  • What does an extra bed look like?

    In general, our extra bed is a chair-bed. For Premium Suite we provide a leather fold-out sofa.

    We strongly request you not to damage furniture in your room. Do not let children jump on chairs. If you damage any furniture item, you will need to pay for the actual damage in accordance with a pricelist of Villa Deja Vu Guest House.

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Room Bookings

  • Is it obligatory to make an advance payment?

    There are several rate plans in our Guest House. Rates depend on season and different events/holidays held in the city (the Olympic Games and Formula 1, New Year Holidays or summer season).

    There are 3 rate plans:
    1. Standard Rate Plan – an advance payment is not required, however if bookings are cancelled less than 72 hours before the arrival date or in case of no show, a price for the 1st night is charged.
    2. Guaranteed Bookings – this rate plan is used during summer season and requires a 100% advance payment. If bookings are cancelled more than 7 days before the arrival date, we return you a full amount of the advance payment. If bookings are cancelled less than 7 days, but more than 3 days before the arrival date, a price for the 1st night is charged. If a cancellation is carried out less than 3 days before the arrival or if there is a no-show, a full booking amount is charged.
    3. Nonreturnable Rate – valid during different events or holidays (New Year, the Olympic Games, Formula-1 and etc.). When choosing the dates for your holiday, our system will automatically inform you about a rate valid for the chosen period.

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  • I have booked a room in your Guest House, however the prices now changed. What will I pay?

    If you book a room without advance payment, a status of your reservation will be considered as uncertain (because there is no guarantee that you will not cancel your booking). That’s why in case prices are changed; we do not guarantee you the same price. If you make an advance payment, your reservation will be considered as a guaranteed one, and you will not stay without a room anyway. If you have a doubt about making an advance payment as you have never been to us and have a fear of being cheated, you can pay through a bank or book a room through our partners such as -,,,, and etc. Prices on their websites are a little bit higher, but these companies have a good reputation and millions of tourists use their services quite successfully. Moreover, we recommend you to study an agreement/ firm offer about rendering of services very carefully.

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  • Can I buy a package with meals included? How much will it cost?

    Yes, you can buy a package including 1, 2 or 3 meals per day. We want our guests to be satisfied so we offer tasty, substantial meals at a reasonable price. Our prices are reasonable, and do not exceed prices of our business competitors. Enjoy our tasty food! You can buy a package without meals, and pay for chosen meals on arrival. At your disposal are not only a set menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but also any dish according to your choice. Prices for packages with meals are listed in Special Offers section.

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